Masego releases new music in the form of the 11-track mixtape, Loose Thoughts. The Virginia artist, by way of Jamaica, dropped the project on his birthday, June 8. Stream Loose Thoughts above via SoundCloud.

The 23-year-old spoke with Vibe about his latest body of work. "The premise for the whole thing is to come out with a project that does the same thing that Frank Ocean's [The Lonny Breaux Collection] did," Masego says. "It felt very demo-ish but it shows [his] full capabilities and was a really cool introduction to someone."

The talented musician calls his genre "trap house jazz," because he blends Southern-sounding beats with elements of jazz.

"This whole project is just how I’m feeling,” he tells Vibe. "I made the first half of the tape the old me. ‘Girls That Dance’ and similar songs. Pure fun. Great energy and vibe. The second half starting with ‘Small Talk’ gets into the new me ... My songwriting got better, and I was able to dig a lot deeper and tell some stories. I think this does a better job at getting my fans to the new me."

Based on his interview with Vibe, Masego has more music on the way. "This is just the stuff that if they don’t come out now, they’ll never come out," Masego says. "This is like the B-squad. The cut squad ain’t varsity but they can all still dunk."

Read more about Masego in XXL's The Break. In January, he told XXL's Sidney Madden, "My goal in hip-hop is to innovate and inspire. By innovate I just mean pushing the culture, that’s my main thing. I don’t like stagnant. I don’t like doing the same thing we’re used to. I like how hip-hop is just shocking and fun."

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