The comeback story for Mason Betha, better known as Ma$e, is somewhat of a controversial one. The shiny suit rapper has attempted to keep his name on media's tongue more than once but has ineffectively created the success he desired. Last night, while Ma$e chopped it up with DJ L-NYCE to promote his new single "Nothing," he dished information on his new album and building relationships with DJs.  This time around, Ma$e seems more than confident his new album Now We Even will be the answer to what New York Hip Hop has been missing.

Energy was high during the interview as Ma$e excitedly dropped names of artists that would be on the album. He mentioned Cam'ron and Meek Mill but two names in particular stood out as he concluded his response, Drake and Diddy. Ma$e  stated via his twitter, he'd love to work with the Toronto born artist and Drake admitted the feeling was mutual. As for Diddy, fans are just eager to hear the duo re-create history.

His brand new single "Nothing" featuring Eric Bellinger was another reason for the interview. The song has the potential to be a real hit, especially with the ladies.

"Now We Even is expected to drop September 23, depending on the success of the record, but no later than Halloween," said Ma$e  about the album's release.

Here are some key quotes from the interview:

Who would be on your Mt. Rushmore of Hip Hop list?

"1. Biggie 2. N.W.A 3. Nas...Nas is one of the illest. 4. Weezy...I like No Ceilings Weezy...I like Weezy when he's high. 5. Its a tie between… nah it's not a tie…I’mma go with Hov. I wouldn’t say Em because the way Eminem rap…there were all types of niggas who rapped like that who couldn’t get on the radio….same rapid flow never got put in that light."

What's the difference between Harlem World Ma$e and Ma$e  now?

"Storyline is still the same: making it amongst people who thought we couldn't. It's definitely not gonna be no welcome back album, it's gonna be some of everything."

What's the situation between you and J.Cole?

"Me and J.Cole don't have no history. We just want to be issues. I'm focused. I might want him on the album."

Listen to Ma$e's  latest single, "Nothing" featuring Eric Bellinger below:

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