As a 26-year-old rapper from the Hell's Kitchen area of New York City, Marlon Craft is focused on creating the kind of hip-hop he wants to make while also remaining true to himself. A clever lyricist who has more of a traditional rap style, Marlon's subject matter scales from mental health to just trying to survive life in the city. He worked his way up the ranks, releasing multiple EPs and projects, all of it culminating with his recently released album, Funhouse Mirror. As he promotes the album and prepares to go on tour in support of it, Marlon came to the XXL office to drop a freestyle where he names every 2019 XXL Freshman.

It's not easy to work all those different names into one freestyle, but Marlon gets it done with ease. "In a world where everyone talks about what they gonna do/I'm really tryna shoot my shot like a Gunna do," he rhymes, nodding to the Atlanta rapper. "Laundry to millions, I swear I'm tryna be Ace/If I don't get paid soon, shit could get Rico Nasty."

He also hilariously admits that one of the names is too difficult to rhyme in his bars. "I really think that I'ma be the best the best could be/But I'm still human, even I don't got wordplay for Comethazine," Marlon delivers.

Megan Thee Stallion, Blueface, YBN Cordae, Tierra Whack, Lil Mosey, DaBaby, Roddy Riich and YK Osiris get some love in Marlon Craft's new freestyle too.

If you think this freestyle goes hard, check out the rhymes Marlon spits on his new Funhouse Mirror LP. The title has a deeper meaning than what you see at the local carnival. "I was playing with this idea of mirrors," he shares. "Looking around at culture and I feel like, everything that we do, we're kind of looking at ourselves all the time. Scrolling [social media], you're looking at a whole bunch of other shit, but you're looking at a reflection of you. The album is a process of me breaking that mirror and becoming comfortable with myself because of who I am internally."

Watch Marlon Craft name-drop every member of the 2019 XXL Freshman class below.

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