Some cities have all the talent. Atlanta is certainly one of those cities, and they can count ManMan Savage as one of the rappers putting on. This also isn't his first time on our site; he's The Break alum. Known all over his city, he recently lent his talents to a tour with a California-based rap crew Shoreline Mafia. With all of that wrapped up, he has a new video of his own, "I'm a Star." Today marks it's premiere, here on XXL.

The video, which ManMan himself directed, along with Laced Visuals, is pretty clean. ManMan spends about half of the video riding around in a luxury whip, only to switch to a Rolls-Royce with the "stars in the ceiling." He's also dipped out in a suit. Unfortunately, his crib ransacked while he's out having fun. No worries; everything else is going well.

ManMan Savage opted to keep the video straight and to the point. "The song is autobiographical so I wanted the video to reflect the message behind the lyricism," he says. He's certainly living like a star in the video.

The song's hook is about ManMan leaving his past behind. "I used to trap hard, but now I'm a star," he repeats. As for the verses, the first one is about how little he fears authority. "If 12 pull me over, I won't let them search my car/I look in told the bitch nigga, you know who I are," he spits. "I ain't sparin' shit, a nigga beatin all the odds/My name should be up in the bible, I'm respected by the gods."

What's up next for ManMan? Expect a new project. "Dropping a new mixtape called EA to LA in early 2019," he explains." You can definitely expect more fire from me and Ron-Ron The Producer on that joint. I’m also working on more videos so I can keep feeding my fans with content."

Watch the "I'm a Star" video below.

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