Fool's Gold producer Brenmar is working to bridge the gap between hip-hop and electronic music. After dropping the Award EP back last year, the producer is back with his latest version of hip-hop and electronic fusion via the single "She Already Know It."

Brenmar brings in some notable talent from the south on "She Already Know It" as BeatKing, ManMan Savage and Jeff Chery handle the rapping here. The video is interesting as everything is done through the framing of a phone. Brenmar is scrolling through his feed on Instagram as the three rappers deliver their rhymes via video posts on the social media service. There's lots of cameos in the video too including Brenmar's boss at Fool's Gold, A-Trak, and Atlanta rapper Rome Fortune.

In an interview with XXL, Brenmar spoke about his philosophy on blending hip-hop with electronic music and how he hopes to change the game.

"I'm not trying to just put a rapper on an electro beat; it's not that black and white," Brenmar said. "I'm trying to blur the lines. I feel like when I'm making a track I'm like making Apple products; how you don't see any cracks or any screws. I want a Brenmar beat or a Brenmar song to have that feeling. Hip-hop is very forward and somehow at the same time has this inability to let go of the past," he says. "The shit that people feel some type of way about at the beginning is the shit that ends up blowing up and keeps this genre alive and relevant."

If you are in the New York area and want to see Brenmar live, the producer will be performing at the Good Room in Brooklyn on Feb. 14.

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