Depending on who you ask, daytime TV is either the cornerstone or the downfall of modern civilization. Trashy TV shows, talk shows, and sports and news reporters provide hours of entertainment for the unemployed, housewives and college students playing hooky. While most of the programming can be mind-numbing, every now and then you luck into an amazing segment while channel surfing.

On a recent episode of Divorce Court, a man accused his wife of sleeping with the entire Wu-Tang Clan after she attended a Wu concert and didn't return until 7 AM the next morning.

"She gave Wu some Tang," said the pissed off man.

The woman defended herself, calling the Wu members "gentlemen" and that she is not a "bust down" or a "groupie."

"Let me put on the record that the Wu-Tang is nothing but gentlemen," said the Defendant. "They treated me highly respectful and I would never cheat on him. Also...I don't know if this is appropriate to say, but I would never be like a bust down or a groupie in that type of situation. I kept my lady points together...I met Wu-Tang, I went back stage and got on their tour bus, I went back to the hotel and hung out all night. It was amazing!"

The wonders of daytime television.