Madeintyo's hit single "Uber Everywhere" is certified Gold. The RIAA officially certified Madeintyo's song as a Gold record on Aug. 29.

The certification of "Uber Everywhere" was a foregone conclusion. It was simply a matter of when it would be certified. The smash hit, which dropped in summer 2015, has racked up over 40 million streams on SoundCloud alone

Madeintyo credits some of the success of "Uber Everywhere" to the social media personality Julieanna “YesJulz” Goddard. YesJulz posted the song several times on her popular Snapchat account. Her affinity for the record also prompted her to bring Madeintyo out to Miami for a party she was promoting in 2015.

"I remember finding the song and thinking, Man, this is a hit," YesJulz told XXL. “Tyo made a good song about a growing trend right on time. Everyone loves Uber.”

Madeintyo got another big look when Travis Scott jumped on the remix of "Uber Everywhere." This remix made plenty of people wake up and start paying attention to single.

The Atlanta rapper has capitalized off his single's success by dropping music throughout the summer. He gave his You Are Forgiven EP - which was originally in 2015 - a commercial release with an updated tracklist. A month later, he dropped a brand EP called Thank You, Mr. Tokyo. Madeintyo's next release is supposed to be a collaborative project with Metro Boomin. Look out for that one later this year.

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