A few weeks removed from dropping a new beat tape, Madeintyo serves up a preview of a new banger. He used his Twitter account to share it with the world late yesterday (May 31).

The video in which the Atlanta rapper plays the preview sees Madeintyo laying back while bumping his new track, which sounds like a more bouncier version of the Jaws theme music mixed in with swaggering, carefree bars from Madeintyo. That is to say it sounds pretty dope.

Madeintyo's up to a lot of big things this year, and maybe this new song could be one of them. Last week, he and his brother 24hrs appeared on G-Eazy's new single "Shake It Up," and he's still looking to put out more beat tapes. Each beat tape is set to be named after a specific Japanese train stop.

Speaking on his newly released Kanazawa-Bunko beat tape, Madeintyo tweeted, “Been working on these beat tape series for years now, just picked it back up. Every stop will get a tape until we reach Tokyo."

Madeintyo's remaining beat tapes include Kanazawa-Hakkei (Keikyu), Kamiooka, Yokohama, Keikyu Kawasaki, Keikyu Kamata, Shinagawa and, of course, Tokyo, a city he lived in for a decent while when he was younger. Dope.

Check out his new song preview for yourself below.

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