When he's not cashing in on a Sprite campaign or filming his latest music video for "Ned Flanders," Madeintyo is doing the most important job of his life: raising a son. The 26-year-old rapper has gold ("I Want") and platinum ("Uber Everywhere," "Skateboard P") accolades aplenty but being a dad to his 1-year-old son True ranks highest on his list of accomplishments. The pride he takes in fatherhood makes him the go-to guy for advice on being the best dad you can be, which he shares with XXL right here.

One look at True proves he's Madeintyo's twin; a mini Tyo in the making. While the toddler, born to his Black and Dominican parents last January, isn't following in his rapping dad's footsteps just yet (Tyo named his 2017 EP, True's World, after his son), he is doing what kids at his age do best: starting to say "Oh, no," watching Spanish cartoons and being inquisitive. As a first-time parent, Tyo has had his fair share of experiencing father firsts already, making him the perfect person to share tips on what works best (and what doesn't) when it comes to raising a child.

First up, Madeintyo wants you to have patience. Tyo stresses this point 12 times, literally, after his own experience coming home from a late night, early morning studio session at 6 a.m. to find out his son True wants a bottle. Or does he?


"I thought I had to have patience having a relationship," shares the 2017 XXL Freshman, who's currently working on his debut album. "It might just be early in the morning, six in the morning and you're running to get a bottle, oh, and you find out he doesn't want the bottle. And then now you're like making the food and then you start feeding him and then he doesn't want the food and he spits it out and now he's rubbing it in his face. And it's all over him and you're just sitting there and you're like patience, patience, patience." The laughter that follows is a sign Tyo has been in this complex parenting situation before. And there's much more.

From never losing your swag to watching what you post on Instagram, Madeintyo's got you covered. Watch the Private Club Records founder instill his fatherly wisdom above.

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