Back in November, Madeintyo unleashed his "Skateboard P" Remix featuring Big Sean. Today (Feb. 16), the Atlanta and Detroit rappers link up for the official music video.

Throughout the four-minute clip, Madeintyo throws an epic party at a Hollywood Hills mansion, complete with fine women, expensive liquor and fly cars. As an homage to Pharrell Williams, also known as Skateboard P, the video features a skateboard ramp where various partygoers can show off their best tricks.

When Big Sean enters the picture to spit his verse around the two-minute mark, he and Madeintyo post up on top of a DeLorean and slowly ghost ride the whip. Press play below to watch Madeintyo and Sean Don get their Marty McFly and Doc Brown on.

“Made in Tokyo, damn/Just like most my clothes, damn/Chain on Skateboard P/Skateboard P be my OG," Big Sean raps. "Hoes steady waiting on me/Fuckboy hate on me like it’s they only J-O-B/You will respect, yeah pay your fee/I changed the game up like the last level/Got beaters B-I-G/And I did the Jesus pieces/I did the POW three pieces.”

In other Madeintyo-related news, congratulations are in order for the 24-year-old MC, as he recently became a father. Two weeks later, he teamed up with Snoop Dogg and Desiigner for a dope Adidas Originals commercial.

And it seems that Madeintyo has even more heat on the way. In late January, a snippet of his new banger with Mac Miller and DJ Carnage emerged on social media.

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