"It's intense to hear your song everywhere," opens Macklemore in part two of MTV News' revealing mini-documentary, Macklemore: Fully Human about the rapper and producer Ryan Lewis' lives post "Thrift Shop." Along with the massive success of "Thrift Shop" came heavy scrutiny and criticism over Mack's music and his look. "I was the poster child for a while for cultural appropriation and white privilege and how that panned out within hip-hop," said the rapper. "All the white people winning the awards that are given out by other white people who have certain merit. I felt the same way as a lot of the criticism. Now granted, I also feel like a lot of the criticism was coming from people who weren't hip to any other songs but 'Thrift Shop' and whatever else was on the radio, but that doesn't really matter. I understood the criticism and understand the criticism."

Macklemore also opened up about his relapse and how his wife's pregnancy was a wake up call to stop sneaking around and using drugs. "I was struggling with addiction, I was caught up again. I was not at my best when I found out Tricia was pregnant. Again, I'm not proud of it...[I thought] I'm not ready to be a father, I can't even get sober...It was a wake up call that I desparately needed. Like, You're about to be a dad, dude. Stop doing drugs and lying to people and sneaking around. Do you want to live life or do you want to escape life? That was one of those pivotal turning points. It was a push but it wasn't the thing that got me sober, I had to put in the work again to get to that place."

The end of the clip features the rapper and producer discussing their upcoming album and the work they've put in in the studio. Check out it in full above.

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