Macklemore and Ryan Lewis have kept relatively quiet in 2017. The duo headlined the ACLU Welcome! concert in April this year and have otherwise kept it moving low-key. Now it looks like the rapper is making a return to the music. Earlier today (June 13), Macklemore posted a video and a photo that point to the conclusion he's dropping new music this week.

His daughter Sloane is the focus of the first clue left today. In one photo, she's seen standing in front of a piece of paper that includes a time (12 p.m. EST), date (Thursday) and title for a song or project ("Glorious"). The second post is a video that slowly fills in what looks like artwork for said song or project. Take a look at a screenshot of the final image, which is below. You'll notice Skylar Gray is featured which has us believe "Glorious" is the name of a new single and not a project. Skylar also tweeted the date and song title.

Based on the posts, it seems like "Glorious" will be dedicated to his daughter. There is no word on who produced the track.

As far as his past music, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis' popular video for "Thrift Shop" reached a billion views on YouTube last December. When it comes to current events, Macklemore has also vocalized his stance on President Trump's election into office with his song "Wednesday Morning" and an open letter to his daughter on Instagram.

Macklemore Glorious Skylar Gray

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