Mac Miller admitted to doing drugs since childhood in a recent podcast interview with Billboard.

The “Friends” rapper said "I've been doing drugs since I was 10-years old. I just hid it better back then. For me personally, it's never one D or C (drug of choice). Yeah dude, I experiment. Am I proud of it? Do I rep' it? No. But do I rap about it because it's what's going on? Yeah. Would I suggest kids to do drugs? Hell no."

The rapper who released his mixtape Faces on Mother’s Day opened up about how his relationship with music doesn’t coincide with drugs. “The sober you is the best you; my main drug is the studio,” said Miller.

The interview also gave him the chance talk about his work with Rick Rubin on the mixtape. He said that in addition to being in the studio the legendary producer, he’s been meditation with him.

Listen to the full podcast below:

[via Billboard]