That adage about awarding an A for effort might be needed for Mac Miller. Mac was perhaps watching the Republican debate last night, when he took to Twitter to stir a little socially-minded conversation. Mac began by deconstructing the notion that reverse racism is working against white Americans.

"We are all not the same," he later wrote. "We are all different, different cultures, and all of them beautiful. The whole 'everybody is the same' is weak." After that though, Mac opened up the floor to an audience that largely composes his fanbase, white fans of rap. "What have you done for the #BlackLivesMatter movement," he asked, with a wide variety of responses coming in. A number of people applauded Mac for his effort to engage fans in a meaningful conversation, while others criticized him for his own lack of action.

It's been somewhat of a comeback year for Mac, who released his album GO:OD A.M after battling depression and substance abuse in the years following his 2013 release Watching Movies With the Sound Off. Whether Mac's Twitter takes are out of bounds or much needed, it is a difficult position as a famous white rapper to enter such a dialogue without a proven record of activism.

While it's likely that Mac's intentions were pure, some of his message was misperceived. One response suggested that Mac was implying that music divides listeners across racial lines. "Music is something bringing people together for sure. But just because we listen to rap music doesn't mean we get it," he replied. He later closed the tweet session by imploring his followers not to elect Donald Trump, a cause surely most Mac fans and haters alike can get behind.

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