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At a show in Urbana, Ill. this past Friday, Lupe Fiasco spoke about his issues with Kid Cudi. Watch that footage below:

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While the Drake and Kid Cudi beef is fresh. Cudder's issues with Lupe Fiasco go back a ways. Lu recently injected himself into the Drizzy vs. MOTM conversation after Cudi clapped back at Drake's diss on "Two Birds, One Stone," by threatening retribution. Lupe has been catching a lot of flack on social media for talking down on Cudi while he is in rehab, so the Chicago MC decided to take to Twitter to explain himself.

Fiasco and Cudi's feud dates back to 2014 when Cudi tried to call the "Kick Push" rapper out after he said he would charge regular Joe's $500 for a personalized verse from him. "Cudi called me a thief then ducked for two years and counting when I tried to reach him PRIVATELY so he could explain his words to me," Lupe explained on Twitter Friday (Oct. 28). He continued, "I just wanted an explanation or a fade...I hope drake slaps gold out that nigga tho...do it for all niggas he duckin."

He further explained his stance posting, "You pushing what you THINK you know about this dude...I'm acting what i KNOW. That dude FOUL and needs his ass beat. Period."

Lupe then reiterated that he is not trying to kick a man while he is down. "Folks talking like a depressed person can't be held responsible for their actions. Rob a bank & tell the judge u did it cuz u was depressed," he typed, adding, "Not once have I denigrated or talked down on mental health in any shape, way or form. I actually supported Cudi when he was on edge yrs ago."

Check out the entire Twitter explanation, below.

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