Lud Foe was involved in a serious car accident on Sunday (March 5). The Chicago rapper's team shared a message from the MC that detailed his injuries. A collision with a semi-trailer truck left Lud with two broken wrists, a broken jaw, multiple fractures and an unspecific number of wounds.

“To all my fans: I'm a SOLDIER,” Lud said. “They say what doesn't kill you, only makes you STRONGER. On Sunday morning, I was involved in a car accident with a 18 wheeler that nearly took my life. 2 broke wrist, a broken jaw, all type of fractures & wounds...but I'm still here. 🙏🏽 GOD has a plan for me! Keep me in your prayers as I heal mentally and physically! I'll be back STRONGER than ever!! #getwellFOE.”

Lud's accident will put a halt to his music grind, which has been become quite prosperous over the last year. It is particularly unfortunate as the Windy City rapper recently spoke to XXL about his desire to remain consistent and maintain his motivation.

“[My goal is] to stay consistent, work hard every day and stay motivated and dedicated,” Lud said. “But stay focus mainly because you can’t do anything without it. My main goal in life is to stay focus and succeed in everything that I do.”

XXL wishes Lud the best and hopes for a speedy recovery. Fans can help him out monetarily by copping his latest mixtape No Hooks on iTunes.

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