Things got a little hectic during the Love & Hip Hop season six debut last week. We found out that Peter, Tara and Amina's love triangle is far from an acute one, saw Yandy and Mendeecees weathering the calm before the storm that is the sentencing in his court case, and were introduced to Remy Ma and Papoose, BBOD and Bianca.

But Cardi B, the main draw that many viewers tuned in to see, failed to make an appearance during the season premiere. However, this week the people got what they were asking for when the social media sensation from the Bronx showed up. First things first, she introduces herself as a "regular degular shmegular girl from the Bronx." Cardi B is her usually obnoxious self and instantly provides the same ratchet commentary that can be found on her Instagram page.

After getting the pleasantries out of the way, Cardi B meets up with DJ Self at the strip club she dances at. When Cardi tries to include Self in a video, he balks and she says she feels confused by his mixed messages involving their relationship. Is it biz or sexual? She says she has a sense he lies to her when all she wants is honesty. Self appears to be wrapped around Cardi's finger and swears he's not fooling around with anyone. But he's doing his dirt on the side because he has a girlfriend, unbeknownst to Cardi.

When Self and Cardi B FaceTime and agree to meet at club Lust later on in the episode, he nearly gets caught by his girlfriend Yorma. She shows Self a ring that she allegedly found in his house and questions him about how it got there. Yorma is visibly upset and very suspicious of Self, but he claims that no one was at his house and that it most likely belongs to the cleaning lady. According to him, no women have been at the crib. However, Self admits to messing around with other chicks during a confessional and dreads the day that he has to come clean and decides to put it off until a later date.

Rah Ali and BBOD's professional relationship got off to a rough start last week and goes sour even further in this episode. Rah meets with BBOD to talk about the altercation with Bianca. She says she can't have an artist giving her a bad name and takes Moe to task
over her attitude and how she handled her dispute with Bianca. Rah argues heatedly with Moe, calling her the "weak link" in the group. The jab prompts Moe to split ways with Rah and choose new management separate from Lexxy. The latter plays devil's advocate and says Moe may feel that Rah is showing favoritism. Perhaps Rah could try to be more understanding of Moe, but the damage appears to already be done.

Then Yandy meets with Bianca and recounts the altercation with BBOD. Yandy says Bicana's actions are red flags in terms of business and that her antics could scare away potential venues from dealing with her. The fiasco put their working relationship on thin ice.

Rich Dollaz spends some time with his 16-year-old daughter Ashley. She lives in Memphis with her mother, but is visiting dad in New York. Rich lays down his set of rules and agrees to lay off the women and alcohol while she's around. His daughter reluctantly drops the bomb that she's not a virgin, but admits her mother doesn't know yet. He gets emotional and admits he's worried about her falling for a guy like him, but appreciates Ashley's honesty.

Miracle, Ashley's mother, meets up with Rich to tell him of her plans to go to Dominican Republic for the next two years. While she's away, Miracle wants Ashley to live with Rich. Dad Dollaz decides to let Miracle in on the fact that Ashley is no longer a virgin and come to terms with their daughter's admission.

After airing out her past last week, Remy meets up with Rah to discuss her problems with BBOD. But Remy has her own big news to share. She and Pap have plans for a wedding and parenthood, all of which she seems very excited about. Rah jumps at the chance to be involved in the wedding planning.

Remy stops by Papoose's studio session and informs him of Rah's willingness to help them plan the wedding, to which Pap has his reservations about. But he's not ready to talk wedding at the moment. Pap brings up the relationship between his daughter and Remy, whom she looks at like a motherly figure. Remy agrees to be more understanding, but is firm in her plan to change some rules up in the household now.

Now to the crazy part of the episode. If it involves Peter Gunz, it tends not to be good. Amina meets up with Tara and asks her if she and Peter are still sleeping together, which Tara shrugs off. Amina admits that she knows Peter is still in love with Tara but she doesn't give up when it comes to what she wants. The singer is determined to get her man back at home in her nest.

Since they seem to all live in the same apartment complex, Tara eventually calls Amina downstairs to expose Peter's lies while he's standing in front of them. He slept with Tara and Amina needs to know. "What are we having -- a snitch festival?" Peter asks. "We're having a family reunion," Tara responds.

Tara wants Peter to own up to the fact he says him and Amina aren't together. But that's a lie; they are. "Yeah, we're together but it doesn't feel like it," he says. "That's not what you said to me," Tara reveals. "You say Amina is something that went too far." Amina then rips into Tara for her role in the affair and in a shocking move, she slaps Peter and throws her phone at him. The slap, which looks insanely fake, occurs right before Amina drops the bombshell that she's pregnant again. There appears to be trouble in paradise for these three.

Keep us locked in next week to find out what happens on Love & Hip Hop.

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