In season 6, episode 5 of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, Stevie J and and Kirk are both dealing with relationship issues and decide a night out with the fellas should lift their spirits a bit.

Kirk says that he and Rasheeda are living in separate houses and that their marriage looks to be on the brink of deteriorating. He introduces Tango to the crew, who happens to be a former boyfriend of Keanna, who's in cahoots with Jasmine and Rodney to expose his cheating ways.

Yung Joc comes clean about having had sexual relations with Jasmine, prompting Scrappy and the other fellas to question if he's the father. However, Joc says that he used protection when he had sex with her, as did Kirk, which leaves the identity of the child's father in question. Joc also says that he's seen the baby and although the child has some minor resemblance to Kirk, it’s not definitive that the child could be his based on looks alone.

Joseline meets up with Lovely Mimi, who’s established her own beauty shop after parting ways with the Glam Shop. When Lovely Mimi suggests that Joseline help her with her business, Joseline balks at her offer, but invites her to be a part of a music video she's filming and says she wants to build solidarity with the girls.

Atlanta rapper Shooter makes his Love & Hip Hop debut, as he and his wife Ciara attend a double date with Yung Joc and Karlie Redd. When Ciara brings up her issues with Lovely Mimi, Shooter begins to get frustrated that Ciara is sharing work issues once again during their quality time with together. This is an issue he says has taken a toll on their relationship. In return, Ciara begins to go at Shooter for his lack of energy in the bedroom, which ends the date on a sour note.

Joseline has had her issues with Jessica Dyme and Karlie Redd, but wants to turn over a new leaf and have them in her video for her new song. However, Melissa thinks it may not be a good idea given their history. However, Joseline insists that she will be on her best behavior and that her intentions are pure, but Melissa still has her reservations.

Treasure, a former dancer who has moved to Atlanta to pursue a career in radio, isn’t too fond of Tommie and makes her feelings known, which rubs Lovely Mimi the wrong way. When Treasure begins to judge Tommie for her criminal history and her relationship with Yung Joc, the two begin to bicker since Lovely Mimi has become friends with Tommie due to their similarities. But although Treasure dislikes Tommie, she says she doesn’t want to make any enemies and is focused on furthering her career.

Kirk and Rasheeda com face to face for the first time since he came clean about his dealings with Jasmine, but he's confronted by Rasheeda’s mother first. She suggests that he file for a divorce. The couple begin to discuss what their next course of action should be and although Kirk suggests that they go and see a marriage counselor, Rasheeda says that she’s leaning towards following her mother's advice to get a divorce. Rasheeda needs more time to process her thoughts before she can even consider a reconciliation.

Melissa meets with Karlie Redd and Tammy Rivera to see if they'd be interested in mending their differences with Joseline, but both decline. Although, Karlie says that she’s open to having a conversation with Joseline to clear the air.

Tango, Keanna’s ex-boyfriend, has decided to go back to her, Rodney and Jasmine with the information he learned during the meeting beteewn Kirk, Yung Joc, Scrappy and Stevie J. A few of the details that are discovered are that Karlie Redd and Joc have been showing people pictures of the baby and that he and Kirk are accusing Rodney of attempting to orchestrate a plot to extort Kirk. However, the biggest bombshell is when Rodney gets wind of Joc’s claim that he also slept with Jasmine. Rodney and Jasmine conclude that enough is enough and make plans to approach Karlie and Joc to clear the air between both parties.

Mariah, who has been dissatisfied with the pay she’s been getting from Ciara at the Glam Shop, meets up with Ciara’s husband Shooter, whom she’s been having an affair with and has been getting financial assistance from. While Shooter says he loves his wife, he’s fallen in too deep and has been paying Mariah to keep quiet about their relationship, an arrangement which Mariah has began to exploit for her own gain.

When Jasmine and Rodney catch up with Karlie Redd and Yung Joc, they confront the pair about the rumors they've supposedly been spreading around town about them as well as their business with Kirk. When Jasmine asks if Joc ever said that he had sex with her, the rapper reveals that although he remembers having sex with a woman named Jasmine, he cannot say for sure that it was her. This answer doesn’t satisfy Rodney. In a show of disrespect, Rodney then alludes to having relations with Joc’s baby's mother and when Jasmine tells Karlie to delete the pictures of her child, Karlie dares Jasmine to make her, and all hell breaks loose. Jasmine attempts to attack Karlie before security intervenes.

Treasure contacts Tommie to make amends but things quickly go awry as Tommie seems in no rush to be friends. As the situation continues to escalate, Tommie begins to throw fruit at Treasure, prompting a scuffle between the two. Tommie, who is no stranger to violence, says that Treasure had it coming. Considering Treasure is new in town she should be leery of crossing her, according to Tommie. This fight involving fruit ends all hope for the two to find common ground.

Find out what happens next week on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.

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