After spending seasons in New York City and Los Angeles, the Love & Hip Hop cameras shoot back to Atlanta for the VH1 reality franchise's latest season.

Things kick off with Karlee Red. Her store in Atlanta has been booming, leading her to open another shop in Los Angeles and she appears to be in great spirits. Her relationship with Yung Joc ended on bad terms, but she has bounced back and is now involved with R&B singer Lyfe Jennings, whom she began dating in the previous season.She meets up with rap artist Rasheeda and Waka Flocka's wife Tammy at an event celebrating the life of deceased Atlanta rapper Dolla. Rasheeda and Karlee Red may have had beef during the previous season of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, but the two have patched things up and have decided to be friends instead of enemies.

The state of Rasheeda and Kirk's marriage has also improved, with the two hashing out their differences and becoming closer as a couple. Tammy, who got married to Waka last season, has been coping with life as the wife of a famous rapper that's constantly on the road, but maintains that her and her husband are on the same page and enjoying their life as newlyweds.We are then introduced Karen "KK" King and her two sons, Scrapp and Sass, the latter of whom is a rap artist and performs at the memorial for Dolla, who was a relative to the three new cast members. Yung Joc says that KK King and her family are notorious for their reputation in the streets of Atlanta and are not the type of people to trifle with.

Scrapp is managing his little brother Sass' career and trying to keep his mother from the long arm of the law. KK tells Tommie, Scrapp's girlfriend, that she has some news to inform her in regards to her concern over Scrapp's recent actions. KK and Tommie meet up later in the episode to discuss her issue with Tiara, Scrapp's baby mother and KK's mortal enemy. KK says that she's worried that Tiarra is creeping back into Scrapp's life and that their relationship may extend beyond their co-parenting situation.

Jessica Dyme, who was a cast member in the last season, pops up and meets Karlee Red and Tommie at the lounge that Tiarra works at. Tiara happens to be the waitress sent to their table, which opens their door for their seemingly random interaction. After Karlee brings up Joseline Hernandez, whom Jessica Dyme still has bad blood with from their spat last season, Tiara says she's also familiar with Stevie J. Using their mutual friends to her advantage, Karlee Red invites Tommie and Jessica Dyme to a party and decides to extend an invitation to Tiara as well in an attempt to get more information out of her in regards to her dealings with Scrapp.

Scrappy, who has been busy with business and music, catches up with his mother, who was recently arrested over an unpaid restaurant bill. She also says that her marriage is rocky. Scrappy and Bambi have also called it quits, making the rapper a bachelor. He is also upset over Rasheeda and Kirk not showing up to his court appointment to speak as character witnesses on his behalf.

Yung Joc and Scrappy are enjoying the single life and have went half on a bachelor pad for their partying and philandering. Joc has taken a special interest in Tammy, Scrappy's new assistant, but the latter says it's strictly a business relationship and he would rather Joc stay hands off when it comes to dealing with her. Momma Dee shows up to Rasheeda's business to discuss why she didn't show up to Scrappy's court hearing. Rasheeda contends that she was in L.A. and notified Scrappy in advance, which isn't a good enough answer for Momma Dee, who begins to argue with Rasheeda and her mother before pulling hay out of her purse and comparing Rasheeda to a newborn chick.

Scrapp says he appreciates Tiarra for holding him down during his incarceration and values her presence in his life. Tiarra is visibly affected by Scrapp and tells him about her meeting with Karlee, Jessica and Tommie, which leaves him shocked by the coincidence and leads him to attempt to get a handle on the situation before it spirals out of control.

In light of the revelation of Scrapp's dealings with his baby mother, Tommie  prepares to put him on blast, but little does she know he's already privy of her plot. Scrapp lets on that he's aware of Tommie's meeting with Tiarra and that he disapproves of it. Tommie isn't satisfied and says that if Scrapp won't tell Tiarra about her, she will. Scrapp, who isn't too fond of ultimatums, gets on the defensive and says that he's focused on being a co-parent and that he'll let Tiarra know about Tommie in due time.

Mimi has moved on from her relationship with Nikko and has a new relationship, which turns out to be with a lesbian woman, named Chris, who's she's been dating for a year. Mimi admits that she's had feelings for women before, but her relationship with Chris is her first experience in a same-sex relationship and that their union has been intense. She plans a birthday party, during which she'll introduce Chris as her new mate to her family and friends.

Karlee, Jessica and Tiarra meet Tammy and Rasheeda at Mimi's party. Jessica has reservations of Karlee's plot to act as a spy for Tommie, but is more concerned with finding out who Mimi's new lover is. After a brief introduction, Mimi reveals Chris to the crowd, who are surprised by Mimi's secret love interest being a woman, but welcomes her with open arms nonetheless.

Mimi says she is relieved to get the weight of coming out as a lesbian off her chest and is happy with her decision and her relationship. Just when things appear to be merry, Tiara finally arrives to the party and is looking to have a good time, but has no idea about the ambush she's walked into and that her new associates are anything but friendly.

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