Slaughter Gang's Lotto Savage has been making a name for himself, getting his first big splash as a feature on 21 Savage's "Dirty K." Now, he has a new video for his song "Stack Up," which also features YFN Lucci.

The visual starts with Lotto at a casino, where he instantly wins the jackpot on a slot machine. The scene switches to Lotto rapping in a smoky room, leading to the appearance of YFN Lucci. Lucci and Lotto are surrounded by girl's at the roulette table, and people are definitely hating. They still escape with the bag, though.

Lotto Savage uses the song as his chance to flex. "Bitch I'm fly as a jet/I will die 'bout my respect/Fully loaded, you know I keep a check," he rhymes. He also shares some advice he got, earlier on in his life. "My OG's say 'Lotto, run up you a check'/'Flex on these niggas and show em you next,'" he delivers.

YFN Lucci has the latter verse on the track, and he brags all over it. "Better know a young nigga like me got now, fuck who got next," he spits. "Right now, I got a quarter milli, on my neck/And I ain't payin' for no sex, bitch gon' rep the set."

In 2016, Lotto dropped the Trapped It Out remix video with Gucci Mane, and spoke with XXL for an interview in the same year, in which he shared his goals. "I’ll be the next Jay-Z or L.A. Reid," he said. "L.A. Reid is the most powerful Black man in the rap industry right now. He accomplished a lot of great things and he just got a good business mind frame. As far being the next Jay-Z, I’m talking about my craft and my music, being a type of artist that elevate to the next level."

Check out Lotto Savage and YFN Lucci's "Stack Up" video below.

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