Mark this in the rare column. A new Dr. Dre song recently landed on the Internet. The presumably leaked cut titled "2Nite" features frequent collaborator Kendrick Lamar as well as Jeremih who sings the Erykah Badu sampled chorus. Dre provides his signature drums and hi-hat crashes and he and K. Dot rap about prospective love/lust interests.

It is unclear where this song derives from. Kendrick's voice sounds noticeably younger on the track which might lead one to believe this is a throw-away song from one of their earlier sessions. Dr. Dre's mythical forthcoming album could still be in the making (though many have given up hope). Last September, Aftermath producer Dawaun Parker revealed that the N.W.A. co-founder had scrapped the Detox title for something new. “The album [Dr. Dre] is working on is not called Detox,” said Parker.

He still holds out hope that at some point the project will see the light of day. “I feel like one day, he’s gonna wake up and say ‘today’s the day, and i’ll put it out’, because the music has been there,” he said. At this point it sounds more like wishful thinking, but hey, maybe the N.W.A. documentary will give the good Doc new life.

Listen to Dre, Kendrick and Jeremih's "2Nite," HERE.

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