D12 visited Sway in the Morning recently and if their bars are any indication, they're not playing around. Okay, it's D12 so they definitely are playing to a certain extent, but the Detroit natives participated in the shows "Five Fingers of Death" freestyle challenge and absolutely demolished.

Swifty kicks it off dropping punchlines like "I put a slug in your lung, I'm deadly as pneumonia, lymphoma/They can't stand up to me like a teenager in class with a boner." While Kuniva juggles menacing bars with hilarity: "I bring death when I'm swinging at your birthday/And then I'm out like Precious running to first base." Bizarre was noticeably less potent, dissing Hopsin in a truly off the top free.

The collective was promoting its new Devil's Night mixtape hosted by DJ Whoo Kid that dropped on Oct. 30.

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