If you're a Lil Yachty fan and visiting Jacksonville, Fla., in hopes of checking out a mural dedicated in his honor, you'll be disappointed. The mural, created by Jacksonville-based artist Nico, was painted over just one day after the rapper showed off the street art on his Instagram page. Yachty isn't too happy about it.

XXL recently caught up with Yachty, 19, and asked him how it felt to have a mural created in his likeness so early in his career. Surprisingly, that's when the "Minnesota" rapper revealed the mural was no more.

"I had a mural," Yachty tells XXL. "They covered it up because they was hating on me cause I'm not from Jacksonville. That was dope but they covered it up the next day. People hate on me every day but y'all know that. Y'all see the hate. It's all good though. God keeps blessing me. I'm probably going to get a statue or something next. It's going to be something better."

After posting a photo of the mural on Instagram, Yachty was met with a bunch of mixed reviews on social media. Some felt he didn't deserve such an honor so early on, while many were pleased by the gesture. "So y'all put a mural of of lil yachty in Jacksonville before me? yup I'm hurt," tweeted comedian Lil Duval, who hails from the city.

As always, Yachty was unbothered by the chatter and he's still soaking in the success. "I don't even know what's going to happen next," the 2016 XXL Freshman says. "I just wake up and there's something amazing on my phone."

While Yachty's spirits are high and he's continuing to thrive at every turn, some elders in the hip-hop community are not so welcoming of Lil Boat. His comments about not caring to know about hip-hop history and his distaste for "serious music" has rubbed many the wrong way, especially Pete Rock, but that isn't stopping Lil Yachty's shine.

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