After missing its original release date, Lil Wop's Wopavelli 4 mixtape is here. Wop dropped off the latest installment of his Wopavelli mixtape series earlier today (Oct. 31).

The project arrives two months after the Atlanta-based Chicago native dropped off his Silent Hill EP as an appetizer. Spanning 19 tracks, Wopavelli 4 features production from ChaseTheMoney, Digital Nas and Brodinski, among others, as well as includes one lone guest feature from Big Adolf.

Released via Gucci Mane’s 1017 Eskimo label imprint with distribution from Alamo Records, the new mixtape, which includes cover artwork featuring a demonic portrait of the rapper, showcases Lil Wop’s knack for getting experimental, finding inspiration in the fringes of trap, horror core and metal.

The project also features the previously released single “Hugh Hefner,” which also has since received the visual treatment, as well as his menacing new track, “Ghoul.”

XXL caught up with the "Real or Fake" rapper shortly after the release of 2017's Wopavelli 3 to hear more about how the rapper has cultivated a burgeoning sound of his own.

"My sound is like hard rock but hip-hop. Hip-hop rock, whatever you want to call it," he said at the time. "I make music you can rage to, so if you're feeling down, play Lil Wop and handle it. None of that sad shit. I got that hard-banging, hard rock."

Check out Lil Wop’s Wopavelli 4 mixtape below.

Lil Wop Wopavelli 4 Mixtape Tracklist

1. “No Manners” (Produced by Cakeboybally)
2. “Bride of Chucky” (Produced by Digital Nas)
3. “Blood Money” (Produced by Digital Nas)
4. “Trickster” (Produced by Akachi Beats)
5. “Hugh Hefner” (Produced by Chasethemoney)
6. “Extensions” (Produced by Chasethemoney)
7. “My Bitch Bougee” (Produced by Chasethemoney)
8. “Ghoul” (Produced by Chasethemoney)
9. “Air Force Extensions” (Produced by Chasethemoney, Brodinski)
10. “Cult” (Produced by Chasethemoney)
11. “Real Or Fake” (Produced by Chasethemoney)
12. “Don’t Step On My Saint Laurent” (Produced by Chasethemoney)
13. “Friday The 17th (Wopster 17)” (Produced by Lil Jukka)
14. “Silence” (Produced by 1 Ty Made It)
15. “Stick Talk” Featuring Big Adolf (Produced by 4point0)
16. “Geeked Up” (Produced by Ayo)
17. “Insidious” (Produced by Sidtroy)
18. “Eat It Up” (Produced by Sensei ATL)
19. “Pint Of Blood” (Produced by Chasethemoney)

1017 Eskimo / Alamo Records
1017 Eskimo / Alamo Records

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