On one hand, sports are a religion of routine: spring training, homecoming, tailgating, Christmas games, March Madness. But on the other, they're about those stunning, unscriptable moments where our collective jaws drop, where the video clips live on in infamy because no one would believe it without evidence. ESPN is helping those moments to live on in perpetuity, with the help of Lil Wayne. The sports and entertainment giant tapped the legendary Louisiana rapper to recreate the famous broadcasting calls for some of the most iconic--or just plain bizarre--moments in sports history. From Jerome Lane's backboard-shattering dunk against Providence to John Havlicek stealing the ball in 1965, from "down goes Frasier" to "the band is on the field!" and even the famous 1980 Miracle on Ice, Wayne lends his signature voice to some of the most important transcripts in sports history.

Wayne's sports fandom is no secret. He's dedicated interludes on his most famous mixtapes to talking about Sportscenter; he's even made a song in support of a Green Bay Packers playoff run. And of course, there's the legendary moment in The Carter documentary where his team comes on to his tour bus to inform him that his massive 2008 album, Tha Carter III, had sold a million copies in its first week. Instead of being excited like his entourage expected, he was annoyed--because they had inadvertently interrupted the sports highlights he was watching. Recently, he hit the network to speak with fellow New Orleans native Michael Smith about the impact of Hurricane Katrina 10 years later.