The Internet is all abuzz over Martin Shkreli reportedly being in possession of Lil Wayne's long-awaited album Tha Carter V. How he got his hands on the project is anybody's guess at this point. It appears Weezy is even clueless as to how the embattled pharmaceutical executive received the record, and he is trying his darnedest to find out how.

News first broke earlier today when Shkreli took to Periscope to reveal he had purchased Tune's LP. Shkreli is of course the person who bought the million dollar Wu Tang Clan album, last year.

“Am I about to buy another legendary rap album no one has? Yes, why yes, I am,” he tweeted. “My new rap purchase, which may go through today, makes the Wu Tang purchase look like peanuts.”

To prove he wasn't bluffing, Shkreli even played a song he claims is off the double disk.

Now, according to TMZ, Wayne and his people have launched an investigation into how the album got out of secure hands. A source in the Wayne camp tells the site that the song is official. Weezy has yet to pass the completed version over to Birdman, so there doesn't appear to be any way the Cash Money CEO is involved in the sale.

Shkreli did not reveal who he got the album from, or how much money he had to pay to get it. If he did in fact get his hands on the real McCoy, it was probably an arm and a leg more than a pretty penny.

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