Reports spread around the web today that Lil Wayne dropped his lawsuit against Birdman and Cash Money but the rapper's laywer, Ron Sweeney, tells Rolling Stone that the $51 million lawsuit is still on. According to Sweeney, that the suit was originally filed in New York City, where the Cash Money and Universal Music Group offices are located, and was restructured and re-filed in New Orleans where Weezy first signed his Cash Money contract in '98.

Sweeney released a statement to Rolling Stone that reads as follows:

Lil Wayne and Young Money LLC have entered into a stipulation with Cash Money the effect of which is to transfer the claims raised in the action which had been commenced in the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York to the Federal and/or State Courts of Louisiana," the rapper's legal team added in a statement to Rolling Stone. "The claims previously asserted by Lil Wayne and Young Money LLC against Cash Money for substantial monies owed and breach of fiduciary duty have not been settled and will be prosecuted in Louisiana as expeditiously as possible.

Wayne first filed his lawsuit against Cash Money Records back in January on the grounds that Birdman violated his deal and owes him tens of millions of dollars for delaying the release of Tha Carter V. Reports say that Birdman owed the rapper $8 million as an advance for Tha Carter V, which he never paid. Wayne was also supposed to receive an additional $2 million upon the album's completion.

It's still "Fuck Cash Money" for Wayne and his legal counsel for now.