The 911 call from Lil Wayne's Miami home swatting incident is public. TMZ got their hands on the police call and it's pretty interesting. A guy claims he just shot four people at Lil Wayne's house. "I'm at Dwayne's house," said the unidentified caller. "I just shot four people. I'm telling whoever. I don't give a fuck if you're a cop or not I'm shooting to kill everything you fucking bitch." The audio then cuts off. The caller then calls back, this time noticeably more calmer explaining to the operator that he got mad, shot them and don't know why. When the operator asked for the caller's name he hung up.

Police confirmed yesterday (March 10) the incident the Wayne's Miami home was a hoax and that they couldn't find anything that showed a shooting occurred on the property. Miami police spokesperson said that Lil Wayne and his camp have cooperated completely with the investigation and the focus is finding the person who called in the shooting to law officers. So basically it was a swatting incident. Swatting is prank calling emergency services into dispatching an emergency response based on the false reports. Cortez Bryant, Lil Wayne’s manager sent the following statement to XXL: “Wayne was never home he was in the studio working. It was a prank call to the police on the 911 line that alerted them to go to the property. I allowed them access in and they found the house empty. All is good”

This comes after 11 days after police were called to the home after a report of a suspicious person was lurking outsidethe home. Listen to the 911 phone call below.