Lil Wayne remains at odds with Birdman and Cash Money Records. The New Orleans rapper let it be known he has no love for his boss and record label by sporting a hat with "Fuck Cash Money" on it. This is far from the first time Wayne has expressed this sentiment.

Weezy was adamant about his distaste for his longtime label throughout May. Lil Wayne encouraged the crowd at Denver’s 4/20 Rally to chant "Fuck Cash Money" during his set. Later that month, Wayne delivered this battle cry once again during an appearance at a Phoenix club. The MC prompted the crowd to say "Fuck the Birdman" in addition to the now recurring line of "Fuck Cash Money." He also provided one of his more substantive statements on the whole situation.

"I’m going through a lot of bullshit right now these niggas got me in bars right now," Wayne told the Phoenix crowd. "They don’t want to see me make good music. I don’t know what the fuck’s going on, but fuck them niggas."

Lil Wayne's contentious relationship with Birdman and Cash Money Records boils down to the handling of Tha Carter V album. Settlement talks in his $51 million lawsuit against the label completely broken down in April. Weezy thought that he and Birdman were finally on the same page about releasing the LP, but discovered that nothing had change. This angered the "Go DJ" rapper and prompted him to halt all talks of a settlement. Wayne reportedly placed all of the blame on Birdman in the dispute.

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