At one point, not too long ago, it seemed like Lil Wayne and Birdman had settled their differences and were on the road to reuniting. But it recent weeks we've learned that the rift is still alive and well. The reason for the backslide might be some additional money Weezy found out he's owed. Wayne is now claiming Baby spent $70 million of the $100 million advance they were supposed to share for the Young Money label.

According to legal documents obtained by TMZ, Universal Music Group advanced the funds which Wayne feels were not distributed fairly between him and Stunna. Wayne claims in the docs that Birdman admitted to using $70 million of the lump sum on "royalties, marketing and recording expenses." Now Mr. Carter wants the Cash Money CEO to open the books so his legal team can see exactly where the money went.

Lil Wayne's $51 million lawsuit he filed against the label back in January 2015 is still on the table as well.

As previously reported, J. Prince might be coming to the rescue. The Houston triple OG and Rap-A-Lot Records owner recently vowed to get Weezy's bread from Birdman. He recently told TMZ, “Where [Wayne] is weak, I am strong. He has gained an ally, and together we will get back all money owed to him and my son off the Drake albums.”

J. Prince’s son, Jas, is widely credited for discovering Drake and connecting him with Wayne and Young Money. J Prince adds, “I witnessed the hard work that went into Drake’s career and for Cash Money to try and take something that isn’t theirs to take, does not sit well with me and family around the world.”

Tune recently confirmed he will be dropping the sixth installment of his mixtapes series with DJ Drama, Dedication 6. He also confirmed he will never work with Birdman again.

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