Lil Wayne is one of hip-hop's biggest sports fanatics so having Weezy star in his own Super Bowl commercial seems quite appropriate. The Young Money head honcho appears in new ads for alongside a dead president better known as founding father, George Washington.

In the first 15-second teaser, the former President strolls up to Wayne's luxury apartment building and hits the buzzer to come up to his pad and kick it, presumably to watch the big game. “It’s almost party time and George left on a bun run hours ago,” the video's description reads. “Now Lil Wayne is getting worried.”

Weezy, who has his feet kicked back, enjoying the comforts of his home and waiting on his guests to come through, is down to let the Prez lounge with him -- as long as he's come with the pack of hamburger and hot dog buns that he requested in tow. The original G.W. hasn't arrived empty-handed and he's granted entrance into Tunechi's digs to enjoy the party with Wayne and friends.

For the second and third ads for, Weezy and George Washington star alongside with actor Jeff Goldblum who is singing and hammering away at a grand piano. Watch them below.

According to AdWeek, the full commercial, titled "The Arrival," runs one-minute long and will air on Super Bowl Sunday (Feb. 7). The spot will run during the second commercial of the game, so be sure to plan your bathroom breaks and snack runs accordingly.

"What we wanted to do for the Super Bowl was a little bit different—it really is about celebrating apartment lifestyles," said CMO Becky Carr, "I think the commercial talks about the joys and excitement of moving on up into a new apartment."

And being that Weezy was all but ready to uproot out of the house that Baby built, his appearance in this commercial is the perfect role for him. This should be a good look for the rapper after enduring a tumultuous year.

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