As the old saying goes, there's more than one way to skin a cat, and Lil Pump, Smokepurpp and BlocBoy JB use their 2018 XXL Freshman cypher to bring credence to that timeless theory as they reinvent a classic cypher in their own lighthearted, but thorough millennial image.

Ditching the more segmented structure of a traditional rhyme session, Pump, Purpp and BlocBoy transform their Freshman cypher into what feels like a banger brainstorming session. With $100 bills floating across the room (Pump threw nearly $50,000 around) and plenty of dancing, it legitimately feels more like a music video than any cypher we've ever seen—and we're sure you wouldn't have it any other way.

Up first in the cypher is Pump, who lets off a verse that could easily slide into "Gucci Gang." Between each verse, he also serves up a catchy hook.

"Bust down look like a blizzard/Ball so hard you would call me Dame Lillard," the 17-year-old Miami native spits in his verse over one of Sonny Digital's typically ice-cold beats. Purpp throws in an "Esskeetit" ad-lib for good measure as he and BlocBoy begin doing the Shoot dance. It's at that exact moment you begin to realize how much fun is left to be had.

From there, Memphis' own BlocBoy, who burst onto the national scene when he dropped off his Drake-assisted single, "Look Alive," starts to go in. "Check the ice up on the bezel/Baby girl, you feel the feet like a pedal/If a nigga diss the block he gon' feel some metal/Nigga every day I keep me a Beretta," the 22-year-old spits.

Taking the baton to the cypher finish line is 21-year-old Purpp, who brings all of the menace and condescension with a pretty quotable last verse. "I can't fuck with these niggas, all these niggas rats/You gettin' lost in the sauce, here's a fuckin' map," raps Purpp.

Watch Pump, Smokepurpp and BlocBoy have the time of their lives by checking out their 2018 XXL Freshman cypher above and roundtable interview below. When you're done, check out the 2018 XXL Freshman interviews with Purpp and BlocBoy then watch their solo freestyles below.

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