There's no denying that Lil Pump and Migos are some of hip-hop's most popular artists today but according to the "Gucci Gang" rapper, they're also on top when it comes to the culture.

In a video posted to his Instagram Story on Sunday (March 11), Pump claimed he and Migos run the culture. "The Migos and Lil Pump run the culture," the rapper said in the video, adding, "And if you feel some type of way, suck my dick!"

Up next for Lil Pump, the South Florida rapper is gearing up for the release of a new mixtape. Pump announced the project in January, tweeting, "HARVARD DROPOUT TAPE COMING SOON!"

Pump is also trying to find a new home with a record label after voiding his contract with Warner Bros. Records. While the rapper is certainly a highly sought after artist, he's not settling for any old deal. "New deals on the way, bitch," he told TMZ. "If you ain't got 15 [million] don't talk to me, bitch, at all. I don't want no meeting unless you talking 15 and up. I don't want to talk to nobody."

In related news, Migos was recently hit with two different lawsuits over a concert brawl that occurred in March 2015, which resulted in fans being robbed, beaten and stabbed. According to a report, the suit claims the Atlanta trio allegedly incited a violent riot at their Albany, N.Y. concert by telling the crowd to "give them hell" and "kick ass." The group has yet to publicly respond to the lawsuits.

Check out Lil Pump's video below.

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