Lil Bibby has been hard at work since gracing our 2014 XXL Freshmen cover in March. Bibby landed two guest spots on Kid Ink’s “Main Chick (Remix)” as well as Juicy J’s new single “Low” featuring Nicki Minaj and Young Thug. The Chicago rapper has even performed at a few choice shows to continue building his name. Now, he’s giving fans something to bump for Labor Day weekend with his newly released mixtape Free Crack 2.

The first installment—which was released in November 2013—put him on everyone’s radar and he’s hoping to do it bigger again. While his The Book EP is on its way, we spoke to Bibby about some tracks off his Free Crack 2 tape that you should check. —Eric Diep 

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Premiere: Lil Bibby Featuring Wiz Khalifa And Juicy J “For The Low Pt. 2”
Watch The Teaser To Lil Bibby’s ‘Free Crack II’ Mixtape

For The Low, Pt. 2” featuring Wiz Khalifa and Juicy J

Lil Bibby: I recorded that in Atlanta. I was in the studio by myself. It’s like, Dun Deal, they just came through and started playing some beats. They played that beat. I just started freestyling to it. It came out like that. I met up with Juicy in L.A. and he just liked the song so much that he just put a verse on it. And then I was thinking, why not get Wiz on it? I met up with Wiz in Chicago, too, and he knocked his verse out.

That’s one of my favorite songs and everywhere I go and everywhere I perform it, it seems like that’s everybody’s favorite song.

“Game Over” featuring Lil Herb

Lil Bibby: The usual. [When] me and Herb link up, you know we talk about crazy type shit. That’s Chicago music for you. I don’t even want to speak about that record, man. I said some grimy stuff. You try and get me into some trouble.


Lil Bibby: I like this song “Tomorrow” by C-Note. I like that song a lot. And this other song, “Can I Get,” by Needles. That’s one of my favorite songs too. “Tomorrow” is one of my favorite joints ‘cause it got that little Annie sample and it got like heavy bass. I was just expressing myself a lot in that beat. I was talking about some stuff that I was going through at the time. It’s important for people to hear.

“Can I Get”

Lil Bibby: More personal stuff. That’s one of my favorite records when I get personal because I really like how I tell what I'm feeling at the moment. I feel like those types of records stick around a little bit longer than the other ones.

I have to be thinking a lot [when I’m writing personal songs]. I have to be brainstorming, thinking about all the shit that’s been going on. If I wake up thinking about some shit, it’s easy for me to put it on a beat. It don’t take me too long to make the stuff like that. I be holding everything in, so when I hear a beat, it just comes right out. [Laughs] It takes me like 30 minutes, an hour. Two hours at the most.

“Boy” featuring T.I. (Produced By P-Lo)

Lil Bibby: It’s just like a little California feel song. You know, like a little stunting song, establishing like a California feel. That’s one of my favorite songs, too, it seems like. That’s probably the most radio-friendly.

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