Two games into the NBA season and the Houston Rockets are 0-2, and at times James Harden hasn't looked like the person some argue should have won the MVP award last season. Lil B thinks he knows why. Last night, after the Rockets got dubbed by his hometown Golden State Warriors, and Harden was a lowly 1-10 from behind the arc, the Based God took to social media to explain the baller's bad day. "Yall see how James harden is playing because he won't acknowledge he does the lil b cooking dance sports celebration. Sad , cursed - Lil B," he typed.

Lil B refuses to let Harden be great, as long as he continues to not give props to the originator of the cook. Things were apparently all good. But right before the season started, Harden posted a picture of him cooking with the caption, "7days until the cook is back to work!." B took exception to the post, and decided to re-curse the star shooting guard. All B wants Harden to do is recognize who started his in-game celebration, but alas, the big-bearded baller refuses to do so.

To keep it funky, this is only two games into the season, and in all likelihood Harden will return to form and ball out. But if he doesn't, you can bet we'll hear about it from the Based God.