Lil B served as a guest on alongside network contributor James Peterson on MSNBC yesterday (Aug. 17). The conversation, led by Michael Eric Dyson, starts off with a discussion about Bernie Sanders' refusal to apologize to #BlackLivesMatter leaders after walking off stage when protestors interrupted a recent speech in Seattle. The BasedGod recently expressed his decision to support Sanders in the 2016 Presidential election over Hillary Clinton. When asked by Dyson to explain why he's doing so, Lil B shares that he believes in Sanders' support of the #BlackLivesMatter movement, as well as his environmental policy ideas. "Bernie Sanders wants to rebuild bridges," he said, "and [he's] also fighting against the fossil fuels, and things of that nature. I’m really down for that, 'cause I'm down to conserve and save energy."

B also expressed his support for the LGBTQ community, saying,  it was important for politicians to "protect transgender people and also homosexual and gay people, which is a big thing that not a lot of people are really fighting for. I want to be the first to say that, because a lot of transgender people are losing their lives, and that’s something people won’t talk about." Take a look at the clip above.

The BasedGod appeared on CNN's The Newsroom last week and chatted with host Brooke Baldwin about his support for Sanders. "The people that support Lil B and support my music, they're so eccentric and they have a lot of different viewpoints," he said. "When people come to me and bring things to my attention, I start to really pay attention because I know these people are special. A lot of people started talking to me about Bernie Sanders and they were like, hey, you gotta pay attention. I started paying attention a little bit more."