After threatening to curse Los Angeles Lakers rookie Lonzo Ball, Lil B has now put his famous Based God Curse on former NBA star Kenyon Martin.

The move comes after Martin called out Brooklyn Nets point guard Jeremy Lin for getting dreadlocks, and Lil B didn't like the move. " In a tweet posted on Friday (Oct. 6), the rapper wrote, "NBA Kenyon Martin is cursed for his no reason hating on Jeremy Lin.. he is cursed until further notice that's from 'The BasedGod' - Lil B."

While Lil B's curses usually come with a warning, his latest one was handed down out of nowhere, prompting NFL player Brandin Bryant to ask, "No warning Lil b??" To which the rapper replied, "Sorry man Kenyon went a bit far."

On Wednesday (Oct. 4), Martin slammed Lin for getting dreads, saying, "Do I need to remind this damn boy that his last name is Lin?" The former NBA star went on to say, "Somebody really need to tell him, like, 'Alright bro, we get it; you want to be Black.' Like, we get it. But the last name is Lin, alright?"

Lin took the high road in his response but managed to take a shot at Martin for his Chinese tattoos. "Hey man, it's all good. You definitely don't have to like my hair and [are] definitely entitled to your opinion," he wrote on Instagram. "At the end of the day, I appreciate that I have dreads and you have Chinese tattoos [because] I think it's a sign of respect."

Check out Lil B's tweets below.

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