This can't be life. First, Lil B rehashed an old beef with NBA scoring champ Kevin Durant with the diss track "F#ck KD." Then he followed up his boast by telling SB Nation he would put the glove on the 6' 9" Thunder forward who possesses a Aquafina jump shot. Now, the NBA has apparently gotten in on the entertainment featuring the Based God in a new promo where he again calls out the NBA all-star. In the quick clip, a confident Lil B tells NBATV's cameras, "Swag, baby. KD you can't see me. Lil B, I'm coming." This is followed by the word, Summer, displayed across the screen. Durant has yet to respond. Is this real? Would you like to see KD and Based God go toe-to-toe?

[via Vlad]

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