Following a historic comeback victory over the Indiana Pacers in Game 3 of the first round of the Eastern Conference playoffs, LeBron James was asked about his remarkable performance--and his opinion of DAMN., Kendrick Lamar's latest album.

When one reporter asked the Cleveland Cavaliers superstar if he thought K. Dot's latest album was better than his last, King James responded by saying the reporter's question was a great one. He didn't really offer up an answer, but he did explain why, exactly, it is he  relates to Kendrick's music.

"I haven't stopped listening to it since he sent to me. I don't know if it was last week or not--before it came out," LeBron said of K. Dot's newest album, which he played snippets of on Instagram last week.

He continued, "The guy's an unbelievable talent. His wordplay and his lyrics is unbelievable and it hit home for me at times because I was a kid that grew up in the inner city and his story of--you know--the notion of, you either play basketball or sell drugs or...that's it. You know and, there's no out. You know, you become a statistic, and as an African American kid growing up in the inner city there's no--they don't believe that you can get out and become something. So that's why I'm able to relate to a lot of his lyrics and relate to a lot of his stories. Like I said he's an unbelievable artist--unbelievable person."

You can see LeBron's interview for yourself below.

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