Next up on XXL Freshmen 2014 invasion of Reddit’s Ask Me Anything Session is Vic Mensa. Vic answered fans questions about his dream collaboration, Game of Thrones and Innanetape.

Check out some selected Q&A’s from the AMA session.

Vic Mensa

do you really know karate?heard you knocked over a goof..'



Hey Vic, thanks for taking the time to stop by and answer some questions. Who is your favorite rapper to come out of Chicago, and have Lupe or Common ever reached out to you and offered any advice?

kanye common reached out recently


Have any work with anyone from the Soulection crew? Preferably Mr. Carmack or Lakim?

kaytranada is my nigga we got hits i did some shit w esta too


Vic, if the world ends tomorrow, would YOU smoke with me?

it'd probably be hard wouldn't it but metaphorically yes


With Chicago's recent hiphop resurgence and explosion (drill, savemoney, etc.), what city or area do you see blowing up similarly soon? Seattle? The Bay? Toronto?

no chicago just gone keep running shit but toronto has a really cool sound, the bay too seattle is fresh but on some rock shit


Do you enjoy reading? If so, what is your favorite book?

bomb the suburbs by upski


Given that Holy Holy is a pretty deep and emotional song, what first inspired you to start writing it?

i was just vibing out in my moms house in the dining room


Wheres the best place you've performed besides Chicago?

Also, i saw you tweeted at Danny Brown today and it got me thinking. Any future collabs between you two?

yeah we should def have a danny brown collar coming soon


Hey Vic, thanks for stopping by. I’m a big fan ever since your days with KTD and I loved INNANETAPE, as well as the new singles you’ve been putting out. Got a few questions for you:

  • Is your upcoming EP, Street Lights, going to have the same type of sound as INNANETAPE or are you taking it a different direction? Who is featured on it, or who have you collabed with?
  • What is your writing process like?
  • What state of mind were you in when making “Down on my Luck”? Do you think you have a negative viewpoint on fame or the “industry” in
  • general? If so, why?

streetlightz sounds extra tight. its cooler than innanetape but not a complete departure


Vic Mensa what is your favorite pasta?



Hey Vic thanks for doing this AMA, my questions for you are:

  1. Do you have any unusual talents/hobbies/interests?
  2. What made you come up with the idea for your video for Down on my Luck?
  3. Who are you currently listening to outside of the rap genre?

answering questions on the internet

ben dickens on the director wrote treatment

bob marley


How much has your past experience in kids these days influenced your rap career?

opened my eyes to melody


Hey Vic, wanted to ask: what music have you been listening to and what influences you right now? really enjoyed INNANETAPE, take care man and keep doing your thing

frankie oceanic


Hey Vic, longtime fan. Let me just say that Whispers is one of the best songs ever for me, it really has a very sentimental connection for me. I remember my first exposure to you was a friend of mine sending me “Doo Wah” from your KTD days. One of the essential hip hop bands imo. I met you and Tokyo when you guys opened for Disclosure in Miami. Both of yall were really nice and shit. You were great and Orange Soda was amazing live. I bought the INNANETAPE disc but couldn’t get it signed sadly.

  1. How much Nico are we getting on the new project? Straight Up had Nico on almost every track, INNANETAPE didn’t have many, if any, if I remember and I really miss the chemistry you guys have. Tracks like Clear Eyes especially show off the chemistry.
  2. For your next project, is it just being distributed by Virgin EMI or are you actually signed to them now?
  3. With the recent vibe your music is taking (Feel That, Major Pain for examples) I was wondering which style you prefer making? You’ve done jazzy, electro, club and more. Is there any certain style that you prefer to make or is more fun to make?
  4. With the recent release of the When A Fire Starts to Burn remix and your tour with Disclosure, are we going to see more Disclosure produced tracks with you?
  5. Whatever happened to Did It B4? It was supposed to be INNANETAPE as the first single but it wasn’t on the mixtape, even tho it had a video.
  6. Is the next project going to have a general theme/feel like Straight Up or is it going to be crazy and everywhere like INNANETAPE?
  7. Do your parents still feel the same as they did in that skit in Straight Up?
  8. You were in the O'My's video for My House, can we expect and collabs between you and them?

i wish nico was on the project more, but he's been on tour the whole time I've been working on the music. we got some heat on there though im not signed to any1, that was a single deal for down on my luck i just like making what i feel did it b4 just didn't end up fitting to me street lightz is more of a singular feel than innanet


who is your DREAM collaboration?



What's your favorite nickname for Caleb James?

jones johnson


Trying not to sound like a dick rider but you are hands down my favourite rapper. How did you initially get recognition for your music? What do you think was really your first step into fame?

im not famous i initially got recognition from recording some shit that got posted on chicago blogs



you might


Do you watch Game of Thrones? If so, who are your favorite characters?

khal drogba was tight i like the short guy too