Larry June has already dropped two projects this year and the Bay Area rapper is closing out 2018 with another collection of slappers. Today (Nov. 30), the San Francisco, Calif. rapper premieres his latest project Very Peaceful. XXL's got the exclusive.

The 13-song collection follows his previously-released projects You’re Doing Good EP and his album Sock It to Me Pt. 2, respectively. On Very Peaceful, fellow rappers Curren$y, Berner and Lndn Drgs make guest appearances. Standout tracks include the sunshiny rap ballad “Orange Pineapple” and the smooth banger “Organic Poly Seeds.”

June says his latest project was inspired by freeing himself up to do what he really wants to. "Living life free of fear and doing numbers," he tells XXL. "Good Job Larry, Sock It to Me."

While June's latest project is one filled with slappers, some definitely stand out more than others. One of those tracks is a track with the incarcerated 03 Greedo.

"'Oranges on Grape' featuring 03 Greedo," June says when asked about his favorite feature on the new project. "Much love to Greedo, bro is a real life legend and last but not least. Free 03! We was suppose to drop this a while ago, but right now was perfect timing."

With 2018 rapidly coming to a close, June is looking to finish the year strong—but he's doing so on his own terms.

"More organic buss down music and freshly squeezed Uncle Larry's Orange Juice," he says after being asked what's next. "I'm just having fun with it."

Listen to Very Peaceful for yourself below.

Larry June's Very Peaceful Album Tracklist

1. "Very Peaceful" (Skit 1)
2. "Orange Pineapple"
3. "Organic Watermelon Juice"
4. "30 DAY RUN"
5. "Sausalito"
6. "One Time"
7. "Oranges on Grape"
8. "Organic Racks"
9. "Back Rappin'"
10. "Very Peaceful (Skit 2)"
11. "The Red Carpet" featuring Lndn Drgs
12. "Mojito Music" featuring Curren$y and Berner
13. "Organic Poly Seeds" feat. Lndn Drgs

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