Koran Streets makes relentlessly catchy music full of heart and emotion. His 2016 album You.Know.I.Got.Itis deep enough to listen to every day and still enjoy, and now he's released a new video for "Ima Thug." Watch the cinematic flick below.

In the first half of the video, Koran's on the run, ducking and dodging through nooks and crannies. Later on he seems good, but at the end of the video he's busted. The interim is filled with beautifully-shot scenes, some in broad daylight, others in the darkness, hinting at the pain and triumph that find balance in the Cali rapper's music.

If you missed it, watch Koran's last couple clever videos for "Know It," "Hard" and "Mama House." Peep "Ima Thug" below.

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