Kirk Knight recently dropped Black Noise, his first instrumental project. The Pro Era member included one vocal cut - titled "Magic Mirror" - as a bonus track and decided to give it the visual treatment. The new video sees him out in London while spitting rhymes about his journey in the rap game.

“I used to cry myself a river, but now I just walk on water/I'm deep within that music, I'm feeling like Undercover/Brother with hard choices in life will circle the other/Underground living, but only trying to build above us/My situation was cluttered/Talent collecting dust/Gave me asthma, need pumper, leave mama crib was a must/Backstab to my family/I meant no harm, but any course of victory/From a sacrifice, I had to take a loss/But never compromising what I feel up in my heart/Can't dwell on the past, life's too fast for a thought,” Knight raps.

London provided Knight with a lot of inspiration, so it made sense for him to shoot a video while he was across the pond.

“I had a long day of press and shooting in London when I was on tour this fall,” Knight said. “London is one of my favorite cities and really inspiring for me. I thought since we had equipment, we should shoot a full length video now, so we went for it.”

Watch the music video for "Magic Mirror" below. And if you haven't already, make sure to check out Knight's Black Noise.

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