Last Wednesday (May 6) ), Joey Bada$$ and the rest of Pro Era announced the first annual STEEZ Day Festival to remember their brethren Capital STEEZ. On Christmas Eve 2012,  STEEZ tragically took his own life. XXL recently caught up with Kirk Knight of Pro Era to discuss Steez Day itself and stressed the importance of keeping Steelo's legacy alive.

"I feel like Steez always has to be honored as a ill ass MC," he said. "Because the shit that he was coming up with to me was amazing. It's obvious if he was still alive today he would be killing a lot of rappers. His metaphors and similes and this that and the third is something I'm truly inspired from."

Knight explained that the event was always in the works but the success of Joey's debut album, B4.DA.$$, pushed plans into full motion.

"Steez Day was always going to happen," Kirk said. "And in fact, we had a Steez Day before, but it wasn't really that big. Yeah, it was just in Prospect Park because that was just a place that all the Pro's would chill. After the album came out, he just had way more pull. So linking up the Central Park thing was something that was bound to happen. And of course, Zombies and Underachievers are going to support it to the fullest."

The outdoor concert is scheduled to take place on July 7 at New York's Central Park SummerStage. The event will feature Brooklyn acts The Underachievers, Flatbush Zombies, and of course, Pro Era's full lineup. Knight is  fresh off his tour with Chicago's Mick Jenkins. Fans should be on the lookout for Capital STEEZ's posthumous album, King Capital, due out later this year.