King Louie is going head-to-head with his record label after suing the company on March 2 for more than $50,000.

According to a report from the Chicago Sun-Times, the Windy City rapper alleges that Lawless, Inc. breached their contract agreement. Louie originally signed a deal with the label in 2012 for a contract that laid out an "exclusive artist and co-publishing agreement," the suit states.

Under the agreement, the "32 Bars" artists was obligated to release five albums over five years. The agreement also allowed the label to sign contracts with other companies that would distribute the rapper's music. But while Louie met all of the requirements set forth in the deal, he has no record of any distribution agreements.

The record label allegedly breached the contract by failing to pay any royalties to Louie and according to the suit, Lawless hasn't provided records of royalties that were paid or owed to the rapper.

"[King Louie's music] has received significant air time and digital play and otherwise generated significant purchases by the general public," the lawsuit reads. However, Louie is unable to determine how much money the songs made because Lawless hasn't granted him access to the records."

Louie is now seeking a judgement that would provide him with access to Lawless' financial records, as well as grant him any royalties that he is owed. In addition, the rapper also wants more than $50,000 in damages.

King Louie rose to prominence in 2010. A mainstay in the Chicago hip-hop scene thanks to mixtape's like Drilluminati 2, the rapper eventually found himself on a track with Kanye West, appearing on Yeezy's "Send It Up" off the Yeezus album.

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