Lil Wayne caused an uproar when he said he did not feel connected to Black Lives Matter on ABC's Nightline. The New Orleans rapper was heavily criticized for his statements, which even prompted an apology. Kidd Kidd was recently asked about his old Sqad Up leader's controversial position and ripped Lil Wayne for the comments.

"I don't know what that nigga was on that day," Kidd Kidd said. "And that's just being trill, you know what I'm saying? I don't know what the nigga be on, god. I know Wayne. I know ya mama and them told you [that's] some dumb shit when you say that. I know you know better than that. You can't sit up here and say you don't know nothing about Black Lives Matter, and you don't pay attention to this, you don't pay attention to that. My nigga, you a old hermit. You watch TV all day. I know you know what's going on out here with us and our people. Don't act like you don't care."

Kidd Kidd said that even if Lil Wayne does not care about Black Lives Matter, the "A Milli" MC should not be broadcasting those feelings. Kidd Kidd stressed how impactful Weezy's words are on his fans.

"You probably don't care, nigga," he continued. "Don't get it twisted. You probably don't care what's going on with our people, dog, but you can't say no bullshit like that my nigga. For real though because everybody watching you, dog. You got so many fans, so many people that look up to you. How you think that's looking to them? Don't do no shit like that, bruh. Real nigga shit, don't do that no more."

Kidd Kidd is not the only friend of Lil Wayne to criticize the Young Money founder's position on Black Lives Matter. Last month, T.I. called out the Louisiana native in a lengthy Instagram post.

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