Last night (Dec. 10), Busta Rhymes and Q-Tip hosted a major mixtape release party for The Abstract, The Dragon at the stylish Marquee nightclub in NYC. Among those in attendance was the legendary DJ Kid Capri who came out to show some love. Just before Capri headed to the party to get on the 1’s and 2’s, XXL caught up with him to get an update of the projects he’s been working on.

On his new mixtape featuring battle rappers:

Yeah, it’s coming out real good. I am doing all the beats on there. I just wanted to go and get all the battle rappers. I shot a battle rappers joint three years ago with Loaded Lux, before I even knew it was going to be a big deal. It happened to be big. Now, this is where we at. So I wanted to get all the battle rappers. The top-tier battle rappers and put them on my beats. Just to show the world that the battle rappers can make good records instead of getting that stigma that they can’t. A lot of battle rappers can make records such as Meek Mill, KRS-One. They did it, so it’s only right we show them what they can do.

On his forthcoming LP:

I’m still working on the tracks, on the beats everything like that. I never was going to rush it. I never was going to do a third album. My last album took a lot out of me. I’m do another one, working on it right now as matter of fact. I’m getting a lot of the tracks done, but I’m real focus on this battle rap joint because my album is gonna be my album. But, the battle rap joint I want to get that out immediately. That’s the next thing right now.

On the next season of Master Of The Mix:

We are doing another season. We were waiting on the word; we had to change our sponsors from Smirnoff. We don’t know where we are going next. I think it’s Pepsi or something like that. As soon as that happens, we are going to start taping again.

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