For reasons still unexplained, Young Dolph's Paper Route Empire artist Key Glock is causing some expensive damage to his label head's vehicles, and he is doing it for all eyes to see on Instagram.

On Friday (July 12), Glock began posting videos on his Instagram page that show him bashing out the windshields on Young Dolph's expensive rides with a baseball bat and having the time of his life while doing it. In the first clip, he's in Dolph's driveway where several of the rapper's signature camo-wrapped vehicles are parked. Glock jams out to a song that is blaring from the speakers before retrieving a metal bat and slamming it into the windshield of a Rolls Royce causing the alarm to go off.

"@youngdolph look what you made me do..‍♂️‍♂️," he captioned the video.

In the second clip, the vehicle's theft deterrent system sounds off while the people standing around look on in disbelief.

"I ain't know you was fittin' to do that, bruh," one man says.

Glock isn't done there. He later finds a jeep parked in the garage area. "He tried to hide this muthafucka," Glock says laughing. "Put this muthafucka in the garage."

He then commences to bust out the windshield of that vehicle as well.

Dolph has definitely gotten wind of what is going on with his vehicles. He responded to the mayhem on his Instagram Story.

"@KeyGlock So you wanna play huh?" he posted along with a smiling face with horns emoji.

On Saturday (July 13), Dolph also posted a selfie on IG along with the caption, "@keyglock fuk u."

What in the world is going on? See Dolph's responses below.

YoungDolph via Instagram
YoungDolph via Instagram

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