On this week’s episode of The Real Husbands of Hollywood, Kevin Hart goes the extra mile to win over Selita Ebanks, who has repeatedly turned him down. But as always, Kev encounters some bumps along the way. Additionally, Bobby Brown is still determined to make his grand return as the King of R&B, only he appears to be letting it all get to his head. Take a look at XXL’s weekly highlights.

Return of the King - Nelly chastises Bobby Brown for not coming on time to a meeting. However, Bobby’s ego gets the best of him. “The King is never late,” he says, to which Nelly asks him if he’s “On that shit again.” “I’m on that new shit called ego,” Bobby says. Nelly tries to book Bobby on Wayne Brady’s new talk show to get his career back on track, however, Brown says he just booked a gig on 106 & Park, to which he performs his new track produced by Nelly and Eric Benet.

Second Chances - Wayne Brady invites Selita Ebanks on his talk show, where he asks her about her love life and shows her a clip of Kevin Hart and Romany Malco’s fight over her from earlier in the season. To Selita’s surprise, Brady invites Kevin to the stage for a segment he calls “Celebrity Do Over.” Somehow Brady convinces Selita to agree to a second date with Kevin...reluctantly, of course.

Selita Stand-In - Back at the crib, Kevin has an evening with his old fling Charmagne, also known as the “Selita Stand-In.” But when Charmagne leaves the house to get a bottle of moscato, Selita magically pops up. Ecstatic, Kev has his server prepare a candle-lit dinner with wine and a lot of lip action. When Selita goes to the bathroom, an excited Kevin takes Viagra so that he could “make it last forever.” To prevent Charmagne from coming back to the house, Kevin reports his car stolen (which Charmagne was driving) in an attempt to get her arrested. Unfortunately for Kevin, Charmagne doesn’t get arrested and instead walked back to his place, ruining his plans. Both Selita and Charmagne end up leaving with Kevin’s server.

Nick Cannon’s “Cannon” - When Nelly and Nick Cannon make fun of Kevin’s failed attempt at getting Selita, Kevin calls out Nick. “His Cannon ain’t go no boom,” Kev says. “She (Mariah Carey) told you that?!” Nick says in outrage. “It was them damn kids. You think I’m wildin’ out? Them damn kids were wildin’ out,” Nick says before he jumps up to show the fellas his Cannon. “You wanna see the Cannon go boom?” he says.

Gotta Love the Kids - In an attempt to win Selita back, Kevin shows up to the park where Selita mentors the kids from her organization, “Selita’s Kids.” Kevin shows up with Lola and Noah, two bad ass foster kids, who he offered money to play as members of his faux organization called “Kevin’s Kids.” Appearing to be good with kids, Kevin manages to win over Selita, who gives him her number. After Kevin successfully gets Selita, he refuses to pay Lola and Noah and runs off. But when Selita and Kevin come back on Wayne Brady’s show to give an update on their love connection, Brady blindsides Kevin when he invites Lola and Noah onto the stage. “Pay us or else,” Lola whispers in Kevin’s ear. Kevin quickly slides a stack of mula under Lola’s lap to get her and Noah to keep quiet. Lola then sings Kevin’s praises, which seals the deal for Selita. --Gerren Keith Gaynor (@MRGERRENALIST)