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Remember when Kevin Gates scrubbed his entire Instagram account clean? The move, presumed to be an attempt at damage control in the wake of Gates' admission he was sleeping with his cousin, seems to not have had the desired effect. Today (Feb. 10), Gates posted two videos to his account, the subject of which is, well, unconventional. In the first video, the Baton Rouge rapper laments that a woman--whom he implied he had just kicked out of his house--had refused to perform oral sex on his dog. "Hoe, you can call him what you want," Gates says. "He loyal."

Saying that the girl could "call Uber for all I care," Gates punctuated the video with his signature phrase, "I don't get tired," and a cackle. In the subsequent clip, Gates tries to justify his peculiar tastes. Lamenting that those who raised eyebrows at his previous videos were still "all up on a nigga's [Instagram] page," implied that his dog's tastes were too discerning for most of his haters.

Gates, a regional star prior to his national breakthrough in 2013, is signed to Atlantic Records. In the past two years, he has dropped four critically acclaimed mixtapes, most recently December's Luca Brasi 2. Prior to that, he was known for 2014's By Any Means as well as the previous year's Stranger Than Fiction and the first installment of the Luca Brasi series.

Watch the second video right here:

Take dat since you wone talk #BWA #idgt

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